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Bharat Swaroop Academy

Affiliated To CBSE

Affiliation Number: 2133732

Academic System

B S Academy, aims at imparting quality education to student for molding them into responsible and patriotic citizens of the country. Here, the focus and the pedagogy of educational lays emphasis on the inculcation of self reliance, active participation and overall excellence. The curriculum has been planned keeping in view, the true spirit and ideals of the constitution of India, with objective leading toward making of complete individuals- academically, aesthetically, socially, and morally.

The curriculum is based on CBSE Pattern as per the recommendations of National Curriculum Framework 2004, NCERT. The academic year is from April to March. The medium of instruction is English with Hindi as a second language. The Course of studies up to class X provides for a general, all-round education and examines the students in English, Hindi Mathematics, the Sciences ( Physics, Chemistry and Biology ), Social Studies ( Civics, History, Economics and Geography), Art Education, Health and Physical Education and Work Experience. Class I to VIII will follow a continuous comprehensive system of assessment for each semester. Evaluation will be based on a graded system. General Studies, Work Experience, Computer Literacy Physical and Health Education are Compulsory subjects for all groups.

We aim to develop learner knowledge, understanding and skills in:

  • Subject Content
  • Independent Thinking, Understanding & Applicability
  • Intellectual Enquiry & Exploration
  • Adaptability, Flexibility and Responsiveness to Change
  • Ability to Judge, Recommends and Decide
Pre School Curriculam

B S Academy pre-school curriculum provides robust foundation, split into Nursery and KG. We aim to provide children in the age group of two and five years, a safe and prosperous environment to grow their abilities and gain confidence for progression in both school and life.

We focus on nurturing the uniqueness of every child through play and creative expression. Well equipped creative classrooms blossoms every child into confident and enthusiastic learners. The daily activities and routines are well planned and designed to promote the below mentioned goals with our ‘learning through play’ philosophy.

The goals of B S Academy Pre-School Curriculum are:

  • To help children in feeling confidence for developing good relationships with others.
  • To support children in developing pride, self control and positive attitudes.
  • To encourage children inquisitiveness and ability to solve problems through observation and experimentation.
  • To promote humanitarian values.
  • To nurture children’s creativity and imagination in a positive learning environment.
  • To provide a safe, friendly, happy and stimulating environment for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, enabling them to feel safe, confident and valued.
  • To recognize each child as unique, to scaffold learning at their own pace and build on what they have already learned at home, from their families and their individual communities.